About Us

love_it_hereThe Family Owned Markets idea started in 2003 with 3 ownerships and 5 stores. The purpose was to get together with ideas and combine our marketing dollars to be able to do more advertising. We also hoped that with our combined buying power of 5 stores that we would be able to get Lower Prices and to be able to pass them on to our customers.

Here we are, 16 years later, with 5 ownership companies and 7 stores. The group continues to grow not only by adding other ownerships but by building and purchasing other stores from outside the group. Our marketing area 10 years ago was Lancaster county. Today we have stores located in Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties.

The increased buying power helps us to be able to buy better and pass those savings on to our customers. As always, we place a HIGH priority on supporting and buying from our LOCAL suppliers. Fresh local Meats and Fresh local produce are abundunt in our stores on a regular basis.

We look forward to continuing to grow and to cater to our customers who truly are part of our FAMILY! Thanks for supporting us for 16 years and we look forward to seeing you in our stores for many more years to come!

The Family Owned Markets Ownership